Make it yourself, just how you like it!

Have you ever dreamt of personally putting together a bowl or wrap and drenching it in a dreamy cheesy sauce? We’ve all been there, but dream no longer because we’ve got you covered.


Our menu encompasses a wide variety of perfectly cooked and seasoned meats, as well as fresh and filling veggie options; from spicy chicken, and kefta, to falafel, and paneer. Be the master of your own bowl or roll, and top it off with a few So’auces; best described as the perfect flavorful concoctions to give your creations just the right kick!

What to expect when you dine in.

Located on one of Dubai’s most scenic and popular locations, Jumeirah Kite Beach, we’ve chosen the perfect relaxed yet energized location. Our excellent and speedy service and attention to detail makes it all the more better. Whether you come alone or with your loved ones, there’s no doubt you’ll love being in our vibrant and lively spot!